Product releases

HelpMaster is in a constant state of development, and updates are released periodically. 

Generally speaking, releases of HelpMaster will contain both new and improved functionality as well as bug-fixes and other maintenance related code.  In some circumstances, however, a release may warrant just bug-fixes to address critical issues.

HelpMaster version numbers follow a 4-part numbering convention, as described below.

eg. HelpMaster

  • First digit = Major version = Year of release (2013 = 13)
  • Second digit = Month of release (6 = June)
  • Third digit = Day of release (4 = 4th day of month)
  • Fourth digit = Build number.  This is an incremental build number

How to get notified of new releases

There are several ways of being notified of new releases.

  1. Use the "Check for updates" option under the "Help" menu within HelpMaster desktop. 
  2. Subscribe to the announcements forum online.  When a new release is available, an announcement will be posted.  Subscribers will receive an email.
  3. Subscribe to the "Technical bulletins" newsletter
  4. Check the Support page of this website.