PRD Software believes in supporting educational institutions around the world.

In addition to educational discounts on all sales of HelpMaster, PRD Software also encourage educational institutions to use the award winning HelpMaster as part of their helpdesk course curriculum.

Since coming to market, HelpMaster has been used by various education institutions as part of the teaching and learning curriculum in helpdesk and service-oriented classes.  Students get to learn on a system that is easy to configure, supports all of the standards of helpdesk best-practice and comes will full technical support.

How it works?

PRD Software will licence an "Educational Use" version of HelpMaster to each student and teacher in the class which can then be used for the duration of the course.  This version will include all modules of our helpdesk software, including

  1. Desktop.
  2. Web Interface.
  3. Priority Manager escalation and SLA utility.
  4. Email Manager for automated job logging and email response.
  5. Active Directory Integration Module.
  6. Database and Reports Wizard
  7. full technical support and software updates.

Why HelpMaster?

HelpMaster is a mature helpdesk software package that is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use.  For teachers and students alike, HelpMaster provides total coverage of all the basics of helpdesk and ITSM best-practice in one integrated suite.

Clearly defined helpdesk and ITSM concepts expose students to the basics that they will need know if they are to become a professional in the support and services industry. The concepts include:

  • Job logging. (Incidents in ITIL terminology)
  • Job workflow. (adding actions, assigning, closing, re-opening etc)
  • Job escalation. (setting SLAs, escalating jobs according to priority and timeliness)
  • Job resolution.
  • Knowledge base integration.
  • Web client self-service.
  • Automatic email reponse management.
  • Helpdesk and management reporting.

For local institutions, PRD Software will consider sponsorship of "best-of-class" awards to students of merit, or those who provide valuable feedback to PRD Software on our products.  We also like to get involved, personally visiting the teacher and students and participating in the course where possible.

Further information

For further information about using HelpMaster in your class, please contact PRD Software

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