Thank you!

At PRD Software, we recognise that we have gained some business through a personal recommendation of HelpMaster by existing users of the software.  We also recognise the repeat business we get when someone who has "used HelpMaster at my old job" has recommended it to their new place of employment.  To everyone who has referred HelpMaster and/or PRD Software to someone, we'd like to send out a sincere "thank you" for your loyalty and support.

Get discounted software through referral

In recognition of the business value that a positive referral achieves, PRD Software are now offering the following reward program*.

  • If you have referred HelpMaster to another person/busines and they purchase HelpMaster for their use, PRD Software will offer you a discount of 10% for your next annual maintenance subscription (AMS) renewal.  We'll also discount the purchase price for the company you have referred.  It's a win-win-win for you, the new business, and PRD Software.
  • If you have used HelpMaster in a previous job, and have now recommended HelpMaster in your new job, we'll discount the purchase price by 10% should a purchase be made.  This discount applies to the initial purchase of licences only - this does not cover AMS on those licences.  Yearly Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) renewals are at full price.

Let us make the approach

If you know a person or a business that you think would benefit from using HelpMaster, we'd like to hear about them.  Please fill in the form below and send us their details.  We'll get in contact with them and introduce HelpMaster to them.  If things work out, we will offer you a discount of 10% for your next annual maintenance subscription (AMS) renewal. 

Use the form to the right to refer someone you know.  >>>

Spread the word!

(and get free stuff!)

PRD Software strive to provide top-notch technical support for our products.  If you are delighted with our service, please tell us - we love to hear positive feedback, but better still, consider telling others. 

Blog about it, post about it, or just talk (tweet) about it.

When you do, let us know about it - we'd love to recognize and/or reward you for your efforts.  Just send us a link with the details.