Trade in your helpdesk software - Make the switch to HelpMaster from Numara TrackIt today

Trade in your helpdesk software

With the recent acquisition of Numara by BMC, many users of their helpdesk software, TrackIt may be wondering what the future may hold for them.   If you're thinking about moving away from Numara and/or don't want to get caught up with BMC, please read on.


Trade in your TrackIt / Numara licences for an equivalent number of HelpMaster licences

for FREE! *


That's right.  Trade in your TrackIt licences and get the same number of HelpMaster Enterprise licences at no cost.  You'll also get tech support and upgrades for a full year!  After your first year of using HelpMaster, if you wish to continue receiving upgrades and technical support, you can choose to pay the Annual Maintenance Fee for the value of the licences you hold.  If you choose not to, that's OK - the HelpMaster licence is perpetual, so it doesn't expire.  This means that you can keep using your current version of HelpMaster for as long as you like - you can always upgrade at any time if you choose to invest at a later time.

This is a super deal.  Here's the breakdown.  You get...

  • An equivalent number of perpetual licences of HelpMaster Enterprise Edition - all modules - everything!
  • 1 year tech support free
  • 1 year product upgrades free
  • Access to the HelpMaster community and the reports swap shop
  • A perpetual licence to use HelpMaster, even if you do not choose to pay the annual maintenance subscription after a year of using it

Why trade?

HelpMaster has all of the core functionality of TrackIt, and more.

  • On-going and active development of HelpMaster
  • A feature-rich product for Windows, Web, incident, problem and change management
  • A modern interface with a powerful template system for quickly logging jobs, updating tickets and building business workflow.
  • Full drag 'n drop interface for linking jobs, clients, knowledge base articles
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft tools and technologies, including SQL Server, Outlook and Active Directory
  • Crystal Reports for reporting, with community Report Swap Shop
  • Windows + Web
  • Developer SDK / API and plug-in architechture for integration and system flexibility

If you're currently using the email conversion utility of TrackIt, you're probably frustrated by its simplicity and lack of integration options.  The HelpMaster Email Manager leaves the TrackIt module for dead.  It's flexible and powerful rules-engine can really help you plow through your email.  Create as many profiles and rules as you need.  See our discussion board for some examples.

HelpMaster is both a Windows application, as well as a Web application - use one, or both.  Power on the desktop - flexibility on the web.

The Active Directory module will import and synchronize your AD users with your helpdesk clients and customers.  Use this to also provide single-sign on to all HelpMaster modules, including the web.


What about my existing data?

If you wish to keep your existing data, HelpMaster has a powerful import utility that you will be able to use to import your existing helpdesk data.  This includes customers, assets, knowledge base, companies, jobs and actions.  You can either use the import wizard yourself, or PRD Software can assist you with the import / conversion process.


So what's the catch?

PRD Software believe that you'll find HelpMaster to be a superior choice to TrackIt.  The "catch" is that we believe that you'll be so impressed and satisfied with the functionality, support and on-going development of HelpMaster that you'll want to stay with the product and pay the annual maintenance support fee (AMS) at then end of a year of using it.  The annual support fee of 20% will entitle you to on-going tech support as well as all update we release during the year - keeping you current and taking advantage of the latest developments.

As mentioned above, AMS is not compulsory.  If you switch to HelpMaster and decide not to pay AMS at then end of the year, that's OK - continue using the current version of HelpMaster for as long as like.


OK, I'm in.  How do I trade?

If you are ready to trade in and trade up, (or just have some questions) please contact PRD Software and we'll get you going.  We'll need to see your existing proof of ownership of your Numara product and then you're good to go.


Terms and conditions *

  • Offer expires 31 March 2012 until end of 2012.
  • The HelpMaster licence will cover an equivilent number of Numara licences.  Additional licences can be purchased at the regular market rate
  • The HelpMaster licence is perpetual - you can use HelpMaster forever following your trade-in
  • The HelpMaster licence will grant full technical support and upgrades for 1 year
  • To receive technical support and product updates after your first year, you will need to purchase an Annual Maintenance Subscription
  • This offer only applies to existing Numara customers that are currently using either TrackIt or Footprints
  • Proof of purchase and/or a current registration codes is required as proof of ownership