2nd level help desk technicians

The 2nd line of a help desk is a place where technical competence meets customer relations.  Incidents, jobs and tasks are typically assigned to the second line of a help desk because they cannot be resolved at the initial point of contact.  It is in this part of the life-cycle of a job that the help desk technician requires the following features in their help desk software.
  • Finding solutions from previous cases using the Knowledge Base
  • Working the lifecycle of a help desk incident
  • Adding actions items to a job
  • Linking similar jobs together
  • Actioning multiple jobs at once
  • Adding further information and items (Assets, configuration items, clients, etc) to the initial job definition
  • Closing jobs
  • Re-assigning jobs
  • Responding to client queries

HelpMaster allows the 2nd line help desk operator to do all of the things listed above in an integrated, easy-to-use interface.


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