Facilities Management

Facilities Management

A facilities manager keeps it running...everything running.

When things break, need replacing, repairing, renewing, renovating, or retiring, the facilities management team are busy people.  Whether you work for a small business, a school, a hospital, a mining company, a government department, local council, or large multi-national, facilities managment is a vital part of business.

HelpMaster is a perfect tool for managing this process.  HelpMaster allows you to log all facilities-related tasks as jobs and then assign them to in-house staff, or external vendors and contractors for action.  Every job is carefully tracked, so that time, cost, materials, scheduling, location, client, site and asset are all included in the workflow.

The benefit comes from being able to report on any aspect of the service you provide.  Being able to quickly view staff work-loads, high-priority jobs, and keep track of external vendors is key to running a successful facilities management team.

Regulatory compliance

In many industries, maintaining equipment is not just for operational benefits - more often it is also a regulatory obligation required by law.  HelpMaster helps your business to fulfill this important function by allowing you to schedule regulatory and statutory facilities maintenance via the "Recurring Event" module.

This module allows you to define all of the properites of a regular task that you perform, and then schedule it based on a frequency pattern that you specify.  You can nominate what the job is, what needs to be done, who should do it, and when it should be completed by.  Every step of the process is defined and automated.  It's a "set and forget" operation. 

Full reporting is available for all maintenance jobs that are logged.  Never miss another maintenance event.

Why not schedule a web demo of HelpMaster, and let us show you how HelpMaster really shines in Facilities Management.