Help desk Software for Small Business and SME

HelpMaster is the perfect helpdesk software solution for all small business.  It offers so much at an affordable price.

Small businesses rely on efficiency, performance and a no-nonsense approach to business.  If it doesn't work, then it doesn't get used - it's as simple as that.

HelpMaster provides small business with a powerful set of useful tools and processes that can be used all day, everyday.  Tools and concepts like CRM, helpdesk, complaints management, facilities management, knowledge management, invoicing, billing, service level agreements and more.

Customer Relationship Management

It's a cliche, but it's true - if you don't look after your customers, someone else will.  Having a useful and reliable CRM tool like HelpMaster will allow your small business to achieve the following

  1. Keep a searchable database of all your clients and customers
  2. Link your clients to the businesses they belong to
  3. Track all customer interaction with your company.  Log calls, helpdesk tickets, sales enquiries, complaints, suggestions and everyday communication
  4. Log, track and manage your customers via the desktop, web, and email
  5. Build and map relationships between your customers, suppliers, business partners and vendors
  6. Run reports to extract key business information about your stakeholders
  7. Easily convert sales opportunities into support tickets

Helpdesk and service desk

Nothing says professional more than being able to log, track, manage and resolve customer issues in a timely, organized manner.  HelpMaster shines as a helpdesk product.  It's powerful template engine makes it easy, and it's rich feature set of helpdesk and service management tools allows you to manage even the most demanding support operations.  Whether your need to implement a simple helpdesk, or a mature ITIL-based service desk, HelpMaster gives you all the tools, at an affordable price.  HelpMaster helpdesk modules include

  1. Call logging, tracking and queue management
  2. Priority and ticket classification - with full escalation and service level agreement automation
  3. Log jobs via desktop, web or email
  4. A searchable knowledge base that your clients can search, rate and contribute to
  5. Automatic email to ticket conversion.  Perfect if you receive lots of email to your helpdesk
  6. Skillgroup partitioning - divide your staff into teams to handle different types of helpdesk requests
  7. Use pre-made templates to provide quick and consistent support across all areas of your business

Complaints management

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft once said "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning".

How true.

When clients and customers complain, they have something very important to say.  They are giving you feedback about your business.  If this feedback is not managed appropriately, or given the attention it deserves, they may take their business elsewhere.  HelpMaster is easily configured to provide a solid complaints management system.  HelpMaster allows you to .

  1. Record all details of their grievances
  2. Give your clients a unique tracking number that both of you can refer to
  3. Assign the complaints to the most appropriate person in your business
  4. Build escalation rules to ensure that a timely response is given
  5. Provide resolution information for each style of complaint
  6. Business owners can run reports on this style of job to review staff performance and client satisfaction
  7. Give your clients a communication channel to contact your business - via email, via the web, over the phone

Billing and Invoicing

While HelpMaster is not an accounting system, it does have a powerful billing and invoicing system built into the job tracking workflow engine.  If your business charges for services, time, equipment, labour or travel, you can track this level of time and expense with HelpMaster's Action system.  Each time one of your staff members does something that incurs an expense, HelpMaster provides them the ability to quickly and easily record this information.  Track per clients, per site, per job.

Billing templates make the billing process easy.  Create billing profiles that map to the different rates and times that your business charges for.  Staff members simply pick from the list the most appropriate billing type for the job type and they're done.

Notes, reminders, time and scheduling

HelpMaster allows you to keep track of everything.  Enter key dates, synchronize reminders with Microsoft Outlook and create custom escalation and workflow rules to keep things moving.  HelpMaster will automatically re-assign, re-prioritize and notify via alert or email anyone that needs to be reminded.  All changes to a job, client, asset or site are saved in the "audit history" so that you can see exactly what has happened over the course of time.  Perfect for project management work, staff scheduling and job prioritization.

Letters, email templates and correspondence

Standardize the out-going correspondence that your business sends to clients and partners.  HelpMaster allows you to create templates that can be customized to suit a wide range of business applications.  Each template can contain "tags" that will be replaced whenever the template is used - similar to a mail merge.

customer service

HelpMaster is currently used in all types of small businesses.  Here's just a list of some of the business that can benefits from the rich toolset available in HelpMaster.

  • Computers and IT
  • Hardware and software
  • Real estate
  • Media agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • IT Services
  • Broadcasting
  • Credit services
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Auto dealerships
  • Food wholesale
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Home improvement
  • Internet service providers
  • Photography
  • Property management
  • Restaurants
  • Construction
  • Publishing and printing
  • Textiles
  • Toy and hobby stores
  • Waste Management