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I love it.

Every time we send out the PRD Insider newsletter to our world-wide clients, within minutes (sometimes seconds), we get email responses back saying something like.... 

"Thank you for contacting the helpdesk, your job number is 33981...."

The familiar words of the HelpMaster Email Manager.

There are a few things to learn from this..

  1. Some of our clients have subscribed to the newsletter using their live helpdesk email address.  Not necessarily a bad thing, although you may like to use a more personal email address if you don't like us sending the newsletter to your live support email address.  Email subscription options can be managed via the newsletter opt-in page.
  2. Here is the encouraging point.  The Email Manager is in full use and converting email into helpdesk jobs!  Email response management is such an important part of service desk automation.  It frees up so much time of the helpdesk staff - time that would otherwise be spent copying and pasting from an email into the ticket system. 

    From our perspective here at PRD Software, we see the difference this makes in our clients.  Organizations that are using the Email Manager have a much better helpdesk operation.  It is efficient, it is smart and it makes a difference.  Organizations that have invested in the Email Manager have also invested in their template design - the very core of what make HelpMaster such a flexible product.  When you've worked out your templates, you can do so much with them - not just for the Email Manager, but also for the Priority Manager, and the self-service client web module.

    Templates are about automation.  Spend time on their design, and you'll improve the effectiveness of your helpdesk, and start reaping the benefits of the power of automation.

  3. Designing templates for the Email Manager is not the easiest thing to do.  We're working on providing some basic template examples that will be bundled into the blank and sample database.  We're also thinking of providing an on-line swap-shop for templates.   PRD Software also offer a great template design workshop.  If you're interested, please contact us.

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