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37 Essential Helpdesk Functions

Essential helpdesk functions

  1. Call logging and ticketing, including incident and problem management
  2. Classification and "Undefined" classifications
  3. Prioritization and auto-prioritization of helpdesk tickets
  4. Call Status classification and lifecycle
  5. Assignment - Personal and Skillgroup
  6. Email notification for staff, clients and others
  7. Complete history log, action log and audit log
  8. Full time tracking including multi-timezone + daylight savings time aware
  9. Business hours time tracking
  10. Complete end-to-end workflow
  11. "Stop the clock" for job status
  12. Custom field definition and creation
  13. Template based design for tickets, updates and email
  14. Messaging and communication - Windows, Web, Job Monitor
  15. Time, expenses and billing support
  16. Email to Ticket conversion - you won't find better
  17. Drag email onto ticket to create new jobs, or updates
  18. Web based self service for clients and customers
  19. Knowledge base for staff and clients
  20. Satisfaction feedback surveys for jobs and knowledge base
  21. Client database
  22. Site database
  23. Asset database
  24. Reports and custom reports
  25. Queue Management
  26. Custom queues - full drag 'n drop
  27. Bulk action processing
  28. Skillgroup grouping and workload balancing
  29. Role based security for jobs and application.  Granular security detail
  30. Helpdesk history search
  31. Job finder + Full Text searching with spell check and hit highlight
  32. Escalation + custom business rules
  33. Service Level Agreements
  34. Active Directory integration + single sign-on
  35. Template manager, user subscriptions and centralized administration
  36. Password reset
  37. Data Import
  38. Recurring event management
  39. API Integration + Custom AddIn architecture


13 Business Processes

Business Processes

  1. IT Helpdesk
  2. General helpdesk
  3. Complaints Management
  4. Facilities Management
  5. General business and Small Business Software
  6. Software bug tracking
  7. Sales tracking
  8. Customer Relationship Management
  9. Membership processing
  10. Request Fulfillment
  11. Asset tracking and booking
  12. Event Management
  13. Knowledge Management


12 Technical Proficiencies

Helpdesk software technical specifications

  1. Windows + Web
  2. Microsoft SQL Server database
  3. Best in class components for reports, controls and web
  4. Drag 'n drop supported throughout product, including web
  5. Direct integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
  6. Imports from Microsoft Word
  7. Microsoft Certified company and product
  8. Crystal Reports for reporting
  9. Native .Net Active Directory Integration
  10. Full Microsoft .Net development platform and API
  11. 100% in-house developed code - no outsourcing here!
  12. Multi-threaded code for speed and to leverage multi-core machine processing


12 Awesome reasons

Why HelpMaster helpdesk software?

  1. HelpMaster is fast, flexible, and has a mature feature set
  2. Actively developed with regular feature releases throughout the year
  3. Windows + Web deployment - dual interfaces give choice and flexibility
  4. Visual workflow designer
  5. On-line reports swap-shop
  6. Terrific bang-for-buck hepldesk features.  Great TCO and ROI.
  7. Installs and is configured in hours/days, not weeks or months
  8. Professional Services available
  9. Remote upgrades, training and support available
  10. World-wide community
  11. 17 years experience in writing helpdesk software and supporting the services industry
  12. We love helpdesk software.  About PRD Software


Worldwide Clients

Worldwide helpdesk software


The X Factor

The X Factor

  • You decide....


More qualifications are on the way.  See Roadmap

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