Why do you need HelpMaster?

Any growing business needs a healthy way to manage their operations. Get a basic overview of the concepts of HelpMaster, and learn why it's a great investment to implement Helpdesk software.





How to register and download HelpMaster

How to register, download and get information about HelpMaster.  the place to start if you're new to HelpMaster. 



Installing HelpMaster and running for the first time

How to install HelpMaster.  Includes details about SQL Server (the HelpMaster database platform), the different components and modules that are included in HelpMaster.

Includes logon information.



Upgrading / patching your HelpMaster database

When new feature releases of HelpMaster are available, you'll need to upgrade your database.  This simple task is achieved with the Database and Reports Wizard.  This video shows each step that should be performed when upgrading your database.




Overview of the Explorer screen

The "Explorer" screen is one of the main work areas within HelpMaster.  This screen allows you to view your current workload, and the job queues of skillgroups and other members of your team.  Use it to open jobs, action jobs and customize the way your helpdesk data is presented.




HelpMaster Entities

Entites are the fundamental objects in HelpMaster. See what they are, and how they work together in the HelpMaster Suite.





Logging a job in HelpMaster. It's easy!

Learn a couple of the basic ways that HelpMaster will improve your helpdesk through smart job-logging.