Helpdesk software for better customer service and support

HelpMaster is an affordable customer support and helpdesk software solution that can be used in any-sized business for helpdesk, service desk, incident, problem and change management, and other service related tasks.

Each of the modules is listed below with a brief overview of its function.

HelpMaster is well suited to IT helpdesks, customer support, facilities management, software bug tracking, complaints management, and any business that would like to log, track and manage issues of all sorts.

Affordable, powerful, flexible helpdesk

The core desktop application that allows staff to log, track, update and manage support issues. Includes the powerful template system along with Knowledge Base, Reporting, Explorer and full administrative capabilities.

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 Anywhere, anytime.  Web helpdesk 24x7x365

Dramatically reduce support calls to your helpdesk by allowing clients to log, view and update their own helpdesk tickets. The Web Interface provides powerful helpdesk functionality for both staff and clients over the web.

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Take control of the email inbox

Automatically convert email into helpdesk jobs with the Email Manager. Not only can it log incoming email as a new service ticket, it can also update existing helpdesk tickets when your clients email updates through to your helpdesk.

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Nothing falls through the cracks

Never miss another deadline with the Priority Manager. Create flexible and powerful rules to automatically escalate overdue helpdesk tickets and notify both staff and clients. The Priority Manager is a complete Service Level Agreement (SLA) management toolset that will keep your support services in top shape.

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 Reduce system administration, simplify logon

Automatically synchronize your helpdesk client data with your Active Directory user database.  A powerful, profile-based database manager for system administrators.

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Real-time job queue monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your job queue for the desktop even when you are not logged into HelpMaster. The Job Monitor will provide both visible and audible warnings whenever your workload queue changes.

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