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1. Resolve addresses

Type or paste an address into the Address text box on the client or site screens and then client "Resolve" to perform an address lookup.  Use this information to confirm details.

2. Display a Google map

Use the HelpMaster Google Map AddIn to display a map of an address for a client or a site.  Use the AddIn Manager to load the Google Map plug-in.

3. Open a webpage

Click the "Web" button to open any hyperlink that is stored in the text details.  HelpMaster will attempt to open any kind of "link" that you store here.  http/www will open Web.  .bat will open a Batch file etc.  Get creative with this.

4. Get your gravitar

Use to store and retrieve images for your clients.  Right-click the client profile picture and select "Get web Gravatar"

5. Job satisfaction survey

Send out a job satisfaction survey when you close a job (or whenever you like).  Simply include the job survey tag in the outgoing email template, and then configure the survey to your preference.

6. The HelpMaster web interface

Use the HelpMaster web interface!  It's got full job functionality for both staff and clients.  Web-enable knowledge base articles so that your customers can find information and resolve their own issues.

7. Make your own web plug-in!

Use the HelpMaster API and Plug-In architecture to create whatever web service you like.

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