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7 HelpMaster configuration projects


The current business climate may provide businesses with extra incentive / time / opportunity (or not) to do some tweaking of their HelpMaster configuration.  As HelpMaster continues to evolve in terms of features, and options, there are always new opportunities to optimize your service desk configuration and operations. 


Here's 7 ideas to get you started. 


Upgrade to the latest version

An oldie, but a goodie - when was the last time you upgraded to the latest version?  HelpMaster is constantly released throughout the year.  The latest release is always available for download from  Upgrading gives you access to the latest features, increased stability, and compatibility with other systems.  If you need assistance, we're here to help.  Download the Upgrade Guide for further information.


Install and configure the HelpMaster Web Portal

The HelpMaster web portal allows clients and staff to log jobs, browse knowledge base articles and more from anywhere they have an internet connection.  If you haven't installed and/or configured the HelpMaster web portal for use, now is the perfect opportunity.  With many people working remotely, the web portal is vital.

Service Desk Web Portal for self-serve requests


The web portal requires some configuration in order to be functional.  You will need to design and configure your "Request Catalogs", as well as the Job Templates that are used in the job logging process. 


See this blog post for details about configuring the Request Catalogs.


For those with a VPN connection to the office, the Active Directory single-sign-on will work seamlessly - it just needs to be turned on, and configured for use.


If you're already using the HelpMaster web portal, here's some other ideas:


  1. Update the graphics for the request catalogs / job templates
  2. Design a custom colour scheme using CSS
  3. Re-design/re-configure the request catalogs for business expansion
  4. Publish new knowledge base articles and/or update existing articles (hint:  run the Knowledge Base reports to get some stats on which articles are popular/not used, best rated etc.)
  5. Mark some articles as "Featured Knowledge Base Articles" to the web portal.  Create articles about remote working, VPN connections, getting helpdesk assistance during this period etc.  Create articles that people need right now.



Review Job Queues

Review your job queue (or someone else's) for old, or stale jobs.  Update them as required, or close jobs that are no longer needed.  Use this time to "Spring-clean" your inbox/job queue.  Look for opportunities to:


  1. Create knowledge base articles out of job/action content
  2. Build workflow for common scenarios / responses
  3. Build job templates for common jobs that have been logged manually
  4. Re-assign jobs to appropriate teams/people/unassigned queues etc
  5. Update any jobs with a progress note / resolution notes etc.
  6. Use the "Flag" and "Read/Unread" features to mark jobs as required
  7. Create "Custom Queues" for similar jobs.  Move these jobs to these queues.



Create Saved Searches

Saved Searches are such a time-saver.  If you're not using Saved Searches in the Explorer screen, you're missing out.  Learn about saved searches, and then make some.  Here's a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Jobs logged today
  2. Jobs closed today
  3. Jobs updated this week
  4. Jobs for a particular Skillgroup/person
  5. Jobs relating to a particular person/site/client/asset
  6. All "Priority 1" jobs



Improve the Quality of your out-going service-desk email

When was the last time you updated, created or even reviewed your outgoing email templates?  This blog post has some great ideas on refreshing your email templates, and when to use email communication.


 Also, if you haven't already done so, configure the HelpMaster Email Manager to automatically convert email into helpdesk tickets.  You won't go back!



Run some reports

HelpMaster contains many built-in reports that can give you some interesting insights into your service desk analytics.   Run some reports to understand how your business has been logging, closing and responding to service-desk tickets.  HelpMaster has many built-in report, and it's easy enough to create your own, or tweak what's already there.


Better yet, install PowerBI and build a helpdesk dashboard.  If you need a dashboard, contact PRD Software and we'll send you the HelpMaster PowerBI dashboard - complete with the animated fish-tank.  Who's the big fish in your team?


Service Desk PowerBI management dashboard


Talk to the HelpMaster Team

Of course the HelpMaster team at PRD Software are always available for a chat, a remote demo, or anything else you need.  Give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss and plan how we can get your HelpMaster installation/configuration going as best as it can.  We can assist with:


  1. Remote upgrades
  2. Remote training and workshops
  3. Sales questions (licensing, upgrades, new installations, migrations)
  4. Technical support
  5. Service-desk advice and best-practice

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