Service Desk implementation, configuration and planning

HelpMaster is a suite of applications that have been designed to work together to provide a total helpdesk and support solution to your organization. While installation and configuration of HelpMaster is relatively easy, it does involve a knowledge of network, database and software systems.

Our consultants can help you to implement HelpMaster in your organization in a minimum of time and with a minimum of complication. Our installation and implementation services will help you to:

Install and configure Microsoft SQL Server

This will include installation, service pack and configuration of Microsoft SQL Server as well as the HelpMaster  Database and Reports Wizard.  An important part of SQL Server configuration is the maintenance schedules which include regular backup, re-indexing and statistics updates.  Ensuring that your database platform is running at optimal performance and stability is vital for a trouble-free experience.

Install and configure the HelpMaster Desktop

This will include installing the basic components and configuring the system codes, staff profiles, basic templates, and all job related fields. 

Install and configure the HelpMaster Priority Manager

This will include installation of the Priority Manager service, and configuring basic escalation and service level agreement (SLA) profiles

Install and configure the HelpMaster Email Manager

This will include installation of both the Email Manager administration utility as well as the service. Configuration involves setting rules to manage your inbox email and the automated replies to your clients. This step requires that the Desktop Edition is also fully installed and configured.

Install and configure the HelpMaster Web Interface

This will include installation and configuration of the Web Interface on Microsoft IIS. Configuration involves setting the various internet security options as well as the web settings.

Install and configure the HelpMaster Microsoft Active Directory synchronization

This will include installation and configuration of the Microsoft Active Directory service.  Configuration involves setting the appropriate AD containers for synchronization and configuring the pattern-matching profile that best suits your organization and data structure.

Install and configure the HelpMaster Job Monitor

This will include installation and configuration of the HelpMaster Job Monitor to automatically alert users when their job queue changes

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Got better things to do than upgrading databases and configuring webservers?


Get PRD Software to perform your next upgrade.  We offer a remote installation service where we will perform a complete upgrade of your HelpMaster system.  Our expert support personnel will install the latest version, patch / convert your database, upgrade your services, configure your web server and do a general health-check.

Don't waste time performing an upgrade yourself when you can have the company that make the software, update your environment and tune it so that it runs at it's peak efficiency.

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