Knowledge Management for the service desk

Corporate knowledge is a valuable asset.  This is especially true in a support environment where the knowledge to describe, diagnose, fix or work-around an issue means the difference between an immediate fix, and a long-drawn out information gathering exercise.

knowledge base software

This is where the integrated HelpMaster knowledge base can can really help.

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a searchable collection of knowledge base articles that assist those working in technical environments to quickly locate answers to common questions and technical challenges.  Think of a knowledge base article as a categorized document that contains all of the information to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct a particular issue. 

A knowledge base article can have links to other articles, as well as external file attachments.

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How to implement a knowledge base?

Each knowledge base article that is stored in HelpMaster is classified, organized and sorted according to its relevancy and relationship with other helpdesk artifacts.  This allows the helpdesk technician (and clients of the helpdesk) to browse the knowledge base according to different groupings, or to perform complex, full-text searches using full Boolean logic.  Knowledge base articles within HelpMaster can either be written in plain text, or in full HTML.  Using the latter, it is possible to embed images, graphics, hyperlinks, attachments and other formatting options that are support within the HTML specification, such as styles, bold, italics, bullet points and more.

Once a knowledge base article has been written, it can be integrated into the actual job-logging process.  This allows helpdesk staff to quickly find answers to issues at the 1st point of contact.

Use knowledge for the web client self-service

Every knowledge base article within HelpMaster has the ability to be marked as "web-enabled".  If checked, this means that this particular knowledge base article will appear in the HelpMaster web interface.  This allows your clients who use your web portal to find their own answers to their problems, thus saving a call to the helpdesk.

Moreover, once  a client has found a knowledge base article, they can provide feedback on the quality and helpfulness of the article.  This will help your knowledge base authors to keep on top of  document maintenance and  ensure that all content is relevant and useful.

kcs knowledge base

Search results are ranked, rated and displayed in a familiar web-search layout

Use knowledge management to improve customer support

When customers can find answers to their problems, they won't call your helpdesk, and that's good news.  Call deflection is achieved via smart use of available information and technologies.  It makes a lot of sense then to invest in building your knowledge base.

  • Web enabled knowledge base articles allows clients to browse
  • Fully searchable (using the power of Microsoft SQL Server full text searching)
  • Search results are ranked by relevancy as well as popularity
  • Articles are categorized for easy searching
  • The top articles are listed for easy browsing
  • Knowledge base support anonymous browsing and searching (don't have to be logged in to use)

Create, share and publish articles

Knowledge base articles can easily be created by your helpdesk technicians and published to the web for your customers to use.

  • Rich HTML editing of articles
  • Import utility to quickly convert existing documents into on-line KB content
  • Unlimited attachments can be added to each article
  • KB articles can be linked to existing help-desk jobs
  • Articles are categorized for easy browsing


knowledge base article browse


Knowledge base feedback

What good is knowledge, if it is not accurate, or poorly written?  The knowledge base system within HelpMaster contains a feedback system where articles are rated and ranked by customers and staff alike.

  • A rating system gives each article a ranking
  • Usage reports tell administrators which articles are hot, or not

Integrate knowledge into your service desk

Delivering great support to your clients means having the right knowledge at the time when you need it.  The knowledge base system within HelpMaster is deeply integrated into the same system code system that the job system uses.  This provides a powerful link between helpdesk issues, and the knowledge content that helped fix those issues.

  • Easily link knowledge base articles to helpdesk jobs
  • Search the knowledge base for resolution to helpdesk jobs
  • Drag 'n drop linking interface
  • Classify knowledge articles with descriptive tags
  • Knowledge base articles can easily be emailed to customers
  • Convert to .pdf documents and then emailed
  • Gather feedback on your knowledge base articles for continual service improvement and article quality
  • Link knowledge base articles to job and email templates for powerful workflow