Maximize your investment of HelpMaster by getting the best practical advice on installation, configuration, business analysis and use. Our business consultation services focus only on what works for your business. We will sit down with your team and discuss your goals, business challenges, and how you can configure and use HelpMaster to its maximum potential.

Our goal is to get your business using HelpMaster in the most efficient manner possible for your needs.

A HelpMaster consultant working with your team can free up internal resources and provide assurance of a high quality implementation that maximizes productivity gains.

Our professional services team are industry professionals with many years of high level experience in the IT Service Management industry. They can bring to your organization a distillation of ideas, methods, and ITSM best-practice developed from working with hundreds of organizations from all industries and sizes.

Services include:

  • Installation
  • Implementation Design
  • Implementation Reviews – Health Checks
  • ITSM best practice and ITIL alignment
  • DEVOPS Integration into service-desk workflow
  • Custom Report Development
  • Data Conversion and Import


HelpMaster is a suite of applications that have been designed to work together to provide a total help desk and support solution to your organization. While installation and configuration of HelpMaster is relatively easy, it does involve a knowledge of network, databases, web servers, security and software systems.

Our professional services personnel can help you to implement HelpMaster in your organization in a minimum of time and with a minimum of complication.

Service Management configuration

Helpdesk and support center consulting can help you to take your support services to the next level. Installing and configuring any software solution is just the first step toward a better support service. Re-engineering, refining and optimizing your support practices, personnel and support culture is the next vital step.

Our professional services team can help you to optimize your HelpMaster installation as well as implement IT service management best practices to achieve a top-notch, streamlined support centre.

Implementation Reviews – Health Checks

Keeping your HelpMaster installation running at its best is vital to the success of the support centre. A regular review, or ‘health check’, by one of our consultants can ensure that you are getting the most out of your implementation.

Health Checks can be done by remote access or by on-site visits, and are structured to meet your business needs.

Custom Report Development

HelpMaster ships with over 120 reports for all types of reporting and analysis of your helpdesk data. However, due to the unique nature of every business, there are times when you may need more from your reports.

Our trained report-writers have an in-depth knowledge of the HelpMaster database and can create customized reports to suit your business requirement, whether it be a simple line-based report, or a complex statistical trend report.

Our reports can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. We can provide;

  • Custom business logo on each report
  • Charts, graphs, cross-tab objects
  • Drill-down, drill-through or hierarchical reporting
  • Data-warehousing and OLAP / BI solutions
  • Great-looking dashboards and PowerBI solutions
  • Statistical, detail, trend and managerial summary style reports
  • PRD Software professional services will always conduct a post-implementation follow up to check whether the reporting solution has been successful and everything is working as it should.

Data Conversion and Import

Need to move some data? Perhaps you would like to import your existing helpdesk data from a legacy system, or perhaps you would like to import a list of clients, email addresses, sites or other custom data. PRD Software have experience in converting other helpdesk applications’ data into the HelpMaster format.

If you’re switching helpdesk software from any other helpdesk system and would like to keep your existing data, or import a custom set of data, we can help.

PRD Software can also help will daily imports of client and site data, as well as integrating network discovery tools with the Asset register within HelpMaster. Whatever your data needs, our data consultants can help you to manage, move and manipulate your data into a format you can use.

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