Demos, downloads and evaluation

Contact us to arrange a personalized demonstration of HelpMaster. Tell us about your service-management challenges, and let us show you how HelpMaster can help.

We also offer a fully-functional trial download so you can evaluate HelpMaster on your own terms.

During this time, you’ll have the full support of the HelpMaster sales and technical team to help you install, configure and trouble-shoot any issues you may have.

Contact us to arrange a demo or download
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Contact us to arrange a demonstration

Take 30min, an hour or as long as it takes, and let us demonstrate the features and functionality you need to see to help your software evaluation. We promise it won’t feel like a sales push - just a genuine demonstration of HelpMaster, based around your requirements and timeframe. Invite as many of the team to the demo as you like.

Most software demonstrations take place online via MS Teams, Zoom, or similar software. If you’re local to Canberra and surrounds, we can also come to you for an in-person demo.


Download a trial copy to evaluate

Evaluating software involves more than just reading about it or hearing from others. Experience it firsthand by downloading a fully operational trial version of HelpMaster.

During the entire trial period, you’ll have complete access to our sales, support, and technical expertise. We can assist you with installing, configuring and answering any techical, or service-management related questions.

Evaluate for as long as it takes.


Start configuring HelpMaster to suit your business processes

Start defining system codes, client and site relationships, import from Active Directory, building job templates, and design workflow for each business process that you wish to automate, or regain a bit of control.

Fast-track your evaluation by referring to our configuration guides, and get our help during this critical phase.

Seeing a helpdesk configuration come together is a an exciting part of realizing the potential that software like HelpMaster can offer.

It’s important during this phase to collaborate with other members of your team and get their feedback on how things are going.


Evaluation result?

Let us know how you’re going with HelpMaster.

Our definition of a successful evaluation isn’t solely based on whether you ultimately choose to use HelpMaster.

If you find that HelpMaster aligns with your needs, that’s fantastic—we’re excited to work with you going forward. Conversely, if you determine it’s not the right fit, that’s perfectly fine too. It makes sense that a product must be mutually beneficial to both parties to be effective.