Service management software is our focus

PRD Software is a privately held Australian company headquartered in the nations capital, Canberra.

We’re passionate about Service Management Software, and our focus is to develop software that allows organizations to improve their service and support delivery to their staff and customers. Our product, HelpMaster is now in it’s 27th year and has helped thousands of organizations around the world to streamline their business practices, provide outstanding support and lower costs.

Check out our timeline for some historical milestones.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep expertise in service management, software development and product support. All code and tech support is performed in Australia.

  • Continuous Improvement: We are always improving HelpMaster to meet the expectations of our clients, as well as the the latest developments within the Microsoft eco-system.

  • Proper support. Get proper sales and tech support from the team that build the software. We won’t give you the support run-around, and you can always talk to real people who have direct input into product development resources and know-how.

A career in service desk

I’ve worked in helpdesk and service management all my working life - first as a helpdesk agent, and now as a software vendor working with a talented team of software developers and support specialists to create HelpMaster.

I love working with service management people, tech and process, and I love the software design, the consulting and the education that goes into making HelpMaster what it is today.

HelpMaster has taken me around the world - literally, and virtually (everyday!), and the challenge of working with our clients who continually push us to develop and innovate the product that underpins their support services keeps me focussed and keen to keep learning. The future of service management software is so exciting, and with the advancements in AI and machine learning, I get the feeling that the development of HelpMaster has only just begun….

Rod Weir - Founder PRD Software

Rod Weir - Founder PRD Software

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Who do we work with?

HelpMaster has been used by just about every type of business and industry that you can think of. Many of our clients are in the IT sector, facilities management, health-care, managed service providers and many small business of all types.

Our clients are based in many countries, and provide constant feedback and suggestions on how to improve HelpMaster, so as a company, we’re always listening, developing, and releasing new updates regularly.

It’s been a privilege to work with, and learn from some of the biggest companies in the world to implement best-practice service management and use this experience to improve everything we do.

Service Management Mission

Helpdesk and ITSM is our sole focus - its what we do and we’re 100% committed to improving and supporting the software and the solutions we develop.

PRD Software contributes regularly to the ITSM industry and all staff members are well versed in the popular service management best-practice frameworks such as ITIL, KCS, as well as ISO standards for service management. We’re big believers in #Back2ITSM and keeping it real.

We design software for the real world - not for software certification schemes or popular trends, and our sales and client feedback have consistently told us were on the right track.

Fast facts


On the web since 1996, always based in Canberra, Australia


Focussed on service management software and helpdesk support


Customers from every type of business - small, medium and huge!


Countries around the world that have used HelpMaster

100% dedicated to service management software

Our focus has always been on developing the best helpdesk / service management software we can, and delivering a product that our clients request and need.

Speak to our team to discuss your service management challenges, and let us show you how HelpMaster can improve your support operations.

Microsoft Technology

HelpMaster has always been developed using Microsoft tools and technology, and we’re committed to staying within the Microsoft ecosystem.

We use the very latest in tools and technology, and we’re always updating our code-base and associated technologies to maximise performance, features and stability.

No legacy code here…

Proper technical support

Customer support is the business we’re in!

Speak with real people who understand service management and are product experts with years of product support and deep technical knowledge. We will never give you the support run-around.

Call, email or let’s do a remote session to provide you the support you need.

Tradeshow fun!

We love exhibiting at tradeshows!

It’s a chance to meet people, talk about service management, showcase HelpMaster, have a break and do some business all at the same time!

Since our first HDI event, we’ve continued to support the industry and will continue to innovate, exhibit, and make friends! Over the years, we’ve exhibited at HDI, HDAA, Pacrim Service desk, TechEd, CeBIT, SDI, ITSMF / ITSMFA, Technology in Government expos and many other exhibitions and events.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the booth over the years and said hi!

Work with us!

Do you a know a business that could use a product like HelpMaster? …or perhaps you have worked with us previously and would like to implement HelpMaster again in a new business? We’re always on the lookout for partners, referrals, or friends of HelpMaster to work with.

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