Remote Upgrade and Healthcheck Service

Get your next upgrade done quickly, correctly and hassle-free.

PRD Software, the makers of HelpMaster offer a remote installation and upgrade service which includes a complete upgrade of your HelpMaster system. Our expert support personnel will install the latest version, patch / convert your database, upgrade your services, configure your HelpMaster web server, and do a general health-check.

Why use up your valuable time performing an upgrade yourself, when you can have the company that makes the software update your environment and tune it to run at peak efficiency?

What do you get?

An install, or upgrade to the latest version

A fully configured, ready for use installation of, or upgrade to, the latest version of HelpMaster. This includes the installation / upgrading of all HelpMaster modules which includes:

  • HelpMaster desktop
  • Email Manager for email-to-ticket conversion
  • Priority Manager for escalations and SLA management
  • Active Directory Manager for synchronizing users
  • Web portal for both client and staff
  • WebAPI (if in use)
A comprehensive multi-point health check of your system

Our experts will perform a thorough analysis of your operating environment for HelpMaster to ensure that everything is working well and meets operational requirements and standards.

This will include a detailed analysis of:

  • The physical/virtual hardware that is being used
  • Any network shares and permissions that are being used
  • Full SQL Server database analysis, including:
    • Necessary maintenance plans
    • Missing or inadequate indexes
    • Full-text installation and configuration
    • Clean-up of old or redundant data

An analysis of your Windows event logs and HelpMaster error logs. This information will help us diagnose any operational issues you may have had, or are continuing to have.

A fully documented installation / upgrade document. Every step and configuration of the install /upgrade process will be comprehensively documented. This document will serve as a valuable guide for future maintenance or configuration.

How it works

We schedule a time that is convenient with your organization and key personnel. You provide PRD Software with a remote connection to your HelpMaster operating environment (this usually includes a connection to your SQL Server, Webserver, Email Server and other relevant machines). All remote connections can be monitored as you see fit - you will have full visibility of what we do. You can either provide us with logon / password information, or enter the required information when necessary. Once we have access to your system, PRD Software will install, upgrade and configure your system to use the latest version

Which versions of HelpMaster can be upgraded?

Any version. HelpMaster is designed so that it can be upgraded without custom scripts, re-development or reimplementation of system configuration or other data.

Who is eligible for this service?

Anyone who currently uses HelpMaster and would like to upgrade to the latest version. No matter where you are in the world - Australia, UK, USA, Africa, or South America…or anywhere else - we can upgrade your system. All we need is a reliable, fast, internet connection, and your cooperation.

How long does it take?

Work of this nature depends on several factors. As a general guide, in an ideal operating environment where full network resources are ready and available, a new install, or an upgrade to the latest version should take no longer than a full working day to perform. In the majority of cases, it should only take a few hours.

Alright, how much?

The remote upgrade service costs AU$1200 which covers 4 hours of work. Each additional hour of work is charged at AU$275 per hour. Please note that scheduling a time after business hours (AEST - GMT+10), weekends, or during public holidays incurs a surcharge of 20%. Other conditions also apply - please contact PRD Software for full details.

Note also that this service does not include conversion of external data, import of data, conversion of custom reporting queries, report files, or the upgrade of any third-party system or function that is not part of the standard HelpMaster operating environment. This service does not include training, consulting, or on-site work of any sort. All work performed under this service is performed via a remote connection only.

Not convinced?

PRD Software make HelpMaster - it’s all we do and we’ve been doing it since 1997. During this time we’ve installed, configured and upgraded hundreds of helpdesk systems all around the world, both on-site and via remote connection. Our technical staff have a vast amount of experience in this area, and can get the job done right, in the minimum time, and without complication.

In most cases, we can perform a full upgrade and health check in a matter of hours - not days. If any complications arise, our team of technical experts will be able to resolve and rectify any issues, and of course our software developers who write every single line of HelpMaster code are right here to step in and help out if need be.

In these days of economic rationalism, and tight budgets, it makes sense to pursue an upgrade process that takes the minimum amount of time, with a guaranteed outcome. When PRD Software perform your next upgrade, this is exactly what you will be getting.

Great - I’m in, now what do I do now?

Contact PRD Software and let us know that you wish to take advantage of this service. Our support personnel will arrange a time that is convenient to you to perform the install / upgrade.