Virtual Administrator

PRD Software recognizes that some of our clients find it a challenge to maintain skilled HelpMaster administrators, or “product owners” that can keep one eye on the business and the other eye on the configuration of HelpMaster. For some businesses, the administrative over-head of maintaining HelpMaster and configuring it to map to current business processes becomes a task that is assigned to someone on the helpdesk/service-desk as a side-job from their main duties. The effect of this is that many businesses report that they feel they are under-utilizing the features and capabilities of HelpMaster.

With this in mind, the “HelpMaster Managed Services” is a professional service designed to ensure that your implementation of HelpMaster is always running at peak efficiency. HelpMaster Managed Services is an agreed-upon fixed-term month consultancy package where PRD Software will provide the day-to-day administrative functions as well as more involved tasks via either remote access, or on-site personnel, depending on your requirements. We can either completely do the configuration and administration of HelpMaster, or we can work with your team to transfer knowledge and provide on-going guidance on service-desk best practice and HelpMaster configuration.

Unlock the full potential of HelpMaster

Utilize every feature of HelpMaster in a way that makes sense for your business

Customers consistenty tell us that they’re not using HelpMaster to its full potential. Often this comes down to a staffing resources, a lack of product knowledge, implementation strategy, and configuration know-how. With the HelpMaster Virtual Administrator, we’ll make sure that your business uses every appropriate feature to its full capability to work along with your service management objectives.

You focus on your business, we’ll focus on HelpMaster

Allow staff to focus on their core duties while we look after the HelpMaster configuration

A virtual HelpMaster administrator will work with your staff to understand the business, and then configure HelpMaster in such a way that will maximize the value that HelpMaster can bring to your business. All configuration is full documented. Our goal is to document, and transfer knowledge to your staff members.

Continuous Service Improvement

Progressively and continuously improve the configuration of HelpMaster

The managed service package is designed to not only provide on-going administration of helpMaster, but to progressively and continuously improve the configuration, maturity and knowledge of the product, as well as overall knowledge and implementation of best-practice IT Service Management principles. As business maturity grows, the configuration of HelpMaster will and should change.

Choose your package

The Virtual Administrator Managed Services is available in different packages. Choose the model that best suits your needs. Each package has been designed to deliver value.