Helpdesk support ticketing

Log, track and manage helpdesk and support incidents to provide great customer support experiences.

Use the desktop or web portal to report incidents, and then auto-classify, assign, triage and implement support workflow through to resolution and closure in a timely manner.

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Helpdesk support ticketing

Go way beyond
basic helpdesk ticketing

The basic function of all help desk software is the ticketing system where the initial logging, classifying, assignment and resolution takes place. HelpMaster has all the features to assist your team to log, track and manage all calls and support operations, and a whole lot more for when you’re ready to move into process and workflow .

At the core of HelpMaster’s design is a 4 tier, flexible template system of Jobs, Actions, Email and Worfklow. Each of these template types can be configured to workf together to build very flexible and powerful ticketing and workflow options.

Fast and easy web requests for clients

Reduce support calls to the helpdesk by giving your clients a great looking web portal to log, track and manage their support requests.

Give your clients, customers and staff the ability to….

  • Log a new support job
  • Update an existing helpdesk ticket
  • Close an existing support ticket
  • Check on the progress of a ticket
  • Browse and search a knowledge base

Automation tools for helpdesk agents

Helpdesk agents have a range of features and tools to help them provide great support.

  • Template-based response
  • Automation for email-to-ticket updates and logging
  • Workflow automation for process orchestration
  • Helpdesk history for clients, sites and assets
  • Multi-select ticket for bulk assignment, closure and updates

Multi-skillgroup queue management and job assignment

Tickets can be manually assigned, or automatically assigned based on workflow and template rules. Automatic triggers can also be configured to assign, or re-assign jobs based on various criteria. HelpMaster will ensure that the right person gets the right job.

Skillgroup queue management

Incidents, Problems, jobs, or tickets can be assigned to both an individual, or to a group. Each technician can belong to one or more ‘skill groups’, and this allows them to view both their personal job queue, or the job queue for the groups that they belong to.

Un-assigned job queues

Assigning tickets to a group automatically allocates them to the ‘Unassigned’ job queue for that skill-group. Any technician who belongs to that skill-group can then view the ticket and re-assign it to themselves, or to another person for further action.

Build custom queues

Helpdesk Agents / Technicians can build custom job queues to help them manage job visibility and workflow. Queues can be dynamically created, or set to a static list of tickets. HelpMaster has many flexible options for better queue management.

Use automation to assign, resolve and close tickets

Use workflow automation to classify, re-assign, resolve and close tickets based on custom rules and workflow that you create.

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Simple, or advanced helpdesk and service-desk ticketing
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Build a web request portal for clients and staff

Build a dynamic request catalog for incident and request management and capture the data you need at the helpdesk.

Clients, customers and staff can use the request system to log tickets, and then have automatic updates, knowledge base articles and more available to them.

Use templates and workflow automation to speed up the process and define business rules that allow you to focus on helping, rather than updating support tickets.

Build a web request portal for clients and staff
Build a web request portal for clients and staff
Build a web request portal for clients and staff
Build a web request portal for clients and staff
Just the basic facts...

Just the basic facts…

…and then some.

HelpMaster ships with dozens of different reports to cover many different metrics and reports for helpdesk, service desk and ITSM reports.

Select from built-in Crystal Reports, Power BI dashboards, or use Excel directly again the MS SQL Server database.

Helpdesk escalation, automation and triggers

The helpdesk is a great place to automate things. Configure triggers and workflow take care of the tickets, while you take care of your customers!

Escalate urgent tickets, send reminder notifications, build custom alerts that are triggered and so much more.

Helpdesk escalation, automation and triggers
Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Write support articles and publish to the web portal for client self-service and searching.

Build knowledge management into your support processes and adopt a knowledge centered support and service operation.

Link knowledge articles to jobs, assets, clients and build workflow and processes that constantly refer to your knowledge base.

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