Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this for hosted on on-premise?

All prices are for on-premise only.

Can I pay monthly, or yearly?

Yearly payments is the most popular, however 3 and 6 monthly payments are also available.

Does the license cost include training and configuration?

Current subscribers are entitled to full technical support, which at times may include simple configuration advice, however professional services such as training and consulting and configuration are priced separately.

Is perpetual licensing available?

HelpMaster is offered as a subscription only.

Can I import data from another system?

Yes! HelpMaster has a import feature that will import clients, sites, assets, tickets, knowledge base article and more

Can I trial the software on my infrastructure

Of course! Contact us and you can download a fully featured version today. We’ll also help you install and configure it if you need help.

Do you offer discounts or special arrangement for not-for-profit licenses

Yes. We have always looked after not-for-profits and other special groups that need help. Contact us to discuss