Change Management

IT Systems and business processes are becoming more complex, and more interconnected than ever before. Maintain optimum up-time and service availability to your clients by ensuring that any changes to any systems, services or infrastructure is handled in a controlled and calculated fashion.

Change Management is the discipline that allows you to plan, track, approve, schedule and implement your changes in the best possible way in order to provide the best outcome for the business and all concerned.

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Change Management

Plan, track and manage changes

Template based RFCs, multi-stage approvals, workflow based implementation

Benefits of effective change management

  • Avoid system outages and down-time
  • Schedule changes to occur at the best time, and avoid conflicts with other events and changes
  • Ensure the continuity and available of services and systems
  • Improve communication between stakeholders of systems
  • Document system changes
  • Get proper approval before any change is performed
  • A better understanding of the relationship between corporate assets, systems, people and services

Link incidents and problems records to change requests

Build flexible change management templates that make raising RFCs easy and consistent for your team. Common change templates include:

  • Simple and standard changes
  • Major changes
  • Emergency changes

Integrate incident and problem management with the change management features to provide a best-practise framework for managing changes within your business.

The role of change withinin Service Management

Managing changes within any business environment plays an important and stragegic role in minimizing business disruption causes by system outages and other down-time

Change Management is the discipline that allows you to plan, track, approve, schedule, implement and review your changes in order to provide the best outcome for the business.

Change Management Features

  • Log new Request for Change (RFC) requests
  • Create a range of Change Request Templates to describe different types of change requests.
  • Define a Change Advisory Board (CAB) to vote on proposed changes and other matters. Select from relevant staff member, or skill groups
  • Web and Email-based voting for approval board members
  • Full audit-log visibility into each change
  • Configure for simple changes, or complex, multi-faceted changes involving different teams
  • Members of the change advisory board, or voters can vote via email, or via a web-based voting portal. Each voter is given a unique link that will take them to details about the change, as well as the opportunity to vote and provide additional comments.
  • Full change history is available though audit logs, voting feedback and request for change logs.
  • Once a change has been approved, automatic logging of the implementation job can be triggered. This job may be linked to the process workflow that describes all of the steps within the change.

Get approval for those changes!

HelpMaster includes a flexibile change approval system that can be configured for many change scenarios. Approvals can be sought from a single person, right through to a multiple personnel, or a change advisory board (CAB)

Voting types include:

  • Majority Vote
  • Unanimous Decision
  • 1 rejection = total rejection
  • Vote race - quickest time to achieve consensus wins!
  • Hybrid voting

Approvals can be sent via email, the web, or internally using HelpMaster. Approval results can automatically trigger further processes and/or steps within the Change Managment workflow process that has been configured.

Your changes, your way…

HelpMaster supports a range of different change workflow models to suit different styles of change processes. From simple, to multi-staged workflow-driven approvals and full implementation review and rollback.

Your changes, your way...
Your changes, your way...
Your changes, your way...
Your changes, your way...
Your changes, your way...
Your changes, your way...

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