Simple, transparent pricing, with no hidden extras

HelpMaster has a simple and clear pricing model. There are no hidden features, and no product tiers - just a complete solution for your IT helpdesk and service desk needs.

Pricing includes all HelpMaster modules, all features and full technical support

Clients/customers/external users logged in via the web portal do not consume a license.

Small team

au $25

per license / month

For 3 or less licenses

If your small team requires 3 or less named licenses, you can use this special pricing to start using HelpMaster.

These are named licenses that are explicitly granted to individual agents/staff members to ensure that they can always log into the system.

Named licenses can be re-allocated to other staff members if your staffing changes.

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Concurrent License

au $98

per license / month

Flexible licensing

A concurrent license is a shared license that is used when an agent/staff member logs into the system. When the staff member logs off, the license becomes available for another person to use.

This license type is good if you have a team of agents that work at different times, or in situations where the total number of staff using the system at any given time is relatively constant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Check the FAQ below

All prices are for on-premise only.

Yearly payments is the most popular, however 3 and 6 monthly payments are also available.

Current subscribers are entitled to full technical support, which at times may include simple configuration advice, however professional services such as training and consulting and configuration are priced separately.

HelpMaster is offered as a subscription only.

Yes! HelpMaster has a import feature that will import clients, sites, assets, tickets, knowledge base article and more

Of course! Contact us and you can download a fully featured version today. We’ll also help you install and configure it if you need help.

Yes. We have always looked after not-for-profits and other special groups that need help. Contact us to discuss
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