Helpdesk Ticketing

Helpdesk ticketing is at the core of every helpdesk and service-desk.

HelpMaster has many mature features that have been designed to assist in many aspects of the helpdesk ticketing process.

Ticket Templates

Templates provide quick access, consistency and workflow

Quick Reassign

Right-click, one-click reassign to self from an unassigned queue


Perform bulk operations on multiple jobs at the same time"

Service Catalog

Build a service catalog that your clients will love.

Knowledge Base

Improve resolution time, and self-service with a searchable knowledge base .

Email Notification

Email to end-use, assignee, and other nominated parties

Link Entities

Link multiple clients, sites and assets to the same ticket


Fast classification and triage of tickets

Public and Private Notes

Agents can add notes that are private, or public

Satisfaction Survey

Customers can rate their support experience with custom surveys


Store, view and send attachments

To, CC, BCC Email

Send email to the ticket owner, client or anyone else

Email Signature

Use Email Templates to embed personal and/or corporate signatures

Powerful Searching

Find tickets, clients, assets, or anything else using the powerful searching

Helpdesk History

Helpdesk history is always displayed for clients, sites, jobs, assets


Add alerts, or dynamically add them based on data triggers

Audit Log

Full audit log for all updates, edits, deletes. Everything!

Flag Content

Flag, add tags and other meta data to tickets and entities

Ticket Lifecycle

Best practise helpdesk process involves progressing each ticket or job through a defined lifecycle. This is usually achieved via a combination of status changes, classification, assignment and client interaction with the helpdesk agent.

Ticket lifecycle is an area where automation and triggers can play a key role in keepting everything moving and progressing as it should

Auto Assign

Configure auto-assign rules and behaviour

Job Status

Open, In progress, Resolved, Closed…or anything else you configure

Service Level Agreemtns

Define, manage and report on SLA

Job State Indicators

Job state indicators display ’next action’ information


Configure multi-stage escalation rules and actions


Automatically perform actions when criteria is met

Key Dates

Configure dates for completion, last actioned, closed etc.

Time Tracking

Track time in business days, or absolute time

Job Queue Management

A busy helpdesk needs to have good queue management. This may involve creating assignment groups, saved searches, dynamic queues, curated queues and custom reporting

Assignment Groups

Create skillgroups and unassigned queues for jobs and tickets

Saved Searches

Build custom personal saved searches for quick access

Group Custom Queues

Skillgroup administrators can create custom queues for agents

Curated Queues

Job queues that are manually curated for content

Assignment Escalation

Create automation rules to re-assign tickets when required

Queue Views

View personal queue, skillgroup queue, or other people

Field Chooser

Customize the columns/fields to display ticket data

Reports and Statistics

Access reports and metrics to indicate queue health and stats.

Workflow and process design

Build flexible and powerful workflow processes using the intuitive drag ’n drop workflow designer. Process orchestration ensures that common tasks and support operations are handled in the same manner, and allows staff to easily progress a ticket through the defined lifecycle

Drag 'N Drop Designer

Use the intuitive workflow builder to create powerful processes

Large Range of Business Objects to Configure

Many workflow objects to use to build processes

Advanced Scripting

Use SQL or Powershell scripting for advanced workflow

Workflow Process

Complete workflow processes for end-to-end lifecycle management

Multi-Stage Approvals

Configure approvals for workflow and change management

Workflow Templates

Create workflow templates for ease of use and constency

OnCreate Workflow

Workflow that is run automatically when a new job is logged

User Workflow

Workflow that is run by an agent during the lifecycle of a job

Variable Support

Create, modify and use variables as part of workflow

Audit History

All workflow is fully logged and tracked

Visual Preference

Customize line style and design for better visuals

Template Inheritance

Inherit workflow from templates, or create custom designs

Web Portal

The Web Portal allows staff, clients, customers and others to access the request catalog to raise new tickets, browse the knowledge base and latest news, and check and update helpdesk history

Staff and Client Access

Multi-purpose web portal for staff or clients

Knowledge Base

Create searchable content and publish to web

Request Catalog

Build a service request catalog for each department

Helpdesk Explorer

Job queue management for staff and helpdesk agents

Flexible Licensing

Named or concurrent licensings. Clients are unlicensed


Get approvals for tickets, change management and more

Microsoft SignIn

Authenticate with M365 logins

Lastest News

Publish latest new content via the message board

Control Viewing Access

Client / Site security viewing permissions

Job Finder

Build custom job searches, and embed within skillgroups

Knowledge Base Ratings

Allow staff and clients to rate articles and provide feedback

Quick History Lookup

Quick viewing of history items

Clients, Sites, Assets

People, places and things. Create relationships between clients, sites and assets and use this for helpdesk ticketing, incident management, customer relationship managment, and general reporting and automation. HelpMaster allows you to store a lot of data about each of these entities to define your operating environment


Customer database for helpdesk, CRM and more


Create a site hierarchy of companies, building and offices


Create an asset register of equipment, items and things

Site Hierarchy

Configure a hierarchy of sites for better client management

Asset Maintenance

Manage and track asset repairs and warranties

Link Entities

Link clients, sites and assets to create relationships

Primary Roles

Nominate ‘Primary entity’ roles for each linked entity

Helpdesk History

Fast helpdesk history lookup for each entity type

Granular Security

Define security for staff, clients and agents

Manager Approvals

Import Manager from AD and use in workflow approvals


Link clients to multiple sites and assets for detailled ticket logging


Customer relationship management. Define, link, log, track, measure

Email to ticket conversion

Automatically convert email into helpdesk tickets with a profile-based processing engine. Create rules to scan, parse, extract, link, log and update tickets. All email systems supported.

Convert Email Into Tickets

Flexible processing engine to convert email into tickets

Update Existing Tickets via Email

Close jobs via email

Parse Email Content

Parse email content into ticket fields

Link Attachments

Process and parse attachments

Post/Pre Scripting Options

Perform pre and post scripting when processing email

Drag 'N Drop Autolog

Create ’email drop folders’ for fast processing

Email Compatibility

All email systems supported

Signature Detection

Automatically remove signature and other social media content

Microsoft Integration

Link HelpMaster to Microsoft Azure / M365 for email, Entra ID user synchronization and import, Teams integration, PowerBI and more

Active Directory / Entra

Import and sync users from AD / Entra ID

M365 Integration for Email

Send / receive email from M365 sources

SQL Server Database

HelpMaster uses the powerful SQL Server database from Microsoft

PowerBI Reporting

Use PowerBI for dynamic data visualization and helpdesk dashboards

Use Cases

HelpMaster is a flexible and powerful toolset that can be used in a range of business units - not just the helpdesk, or service desk. HelpMaster naturally finds application in a broader enterprise service management scope.


Log, track and management helpdesk tickets, incidents, problems and changes

ITSM Service Desk

Incident, Problems and Change Management

Software Bug Tracking

Log, track and management software issues and bugs

Human Resources

Onboarding, Offboarding, leave, pay, disputes etc.

Read more in the online documentation

These highlights are just the surface of what HelpMaster has and can do.

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