Asset and Facilities Management

Proactively schedule facilities maintenance tasks

Automate scheduling of equipment and building checks

Log, track and manage property issues

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Asset and Facilities Management

What is facilities management?

Facilities management is the discipline that oversees the efficient management, operation, and maintenance of buildings, equipment, and infrastructure within an organization. It encompasses tasks related to safety, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and compliance with regulations. By strategically coordinating people, processes, and resources, facilities management ensures optimal functionality and supports the overall business objectives.

FM industry application

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities, Campus Grounds
  • Offices, Buildings, Housing
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Aged Care
  • Strata real estate management
  • Parks and gardens
  • Factories and industrial areas
  • Resorts, holiday homes and hotels
  • Room management within office spaces

Common FM activities

  • Reporting for faulty equipment
  • Logging and recording of the service history for equipment
  • Regular scheduling for maintenance, repairs, test and tag and health-checks
  • Communication between building occupants, workers and people with property owners
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Project management for property and equipment replacement, repairs or inspection
  • Business continuity, Safety inspections, Compliance checking

Asset and Facilities Management Features

HelpMaster contains an asset register that allows you to import assets and then link them to clients, staff, sites, other assets, job templates, custom web forms and other entities throughout the application.

Asset Management

The asset register allows you to capture and store information about assets, purchase and warranty, service history, helpdesk history, maintenance history, custom information and forms, as well as:

  • Link the asset to other assets
  • Link the asset to clients, sites and maintenance jobs
  • Use the asset when building dynamic web forms for capture of information

Preventative Maintenance

Build recurring date-based triggers that that will create new mainteance jobs for technicians, maintenance officers and other personnel that are assigned to asset maintenance.

Automatically flag assets when certain data conditions exist, or they have been involved in a service-desk job, incident or similar reported event.

Build a FM request catalog

Build facilities and asset management requests into your web-based request catalog.

Allow staff, clients, employees and customers to directly report and lodge facilities maintenance issues.

Report on accidents, near-misses and other workplace hazards.

Each request can be managed via a customized workflow that ensures that every request type is handled in the best possible way.

Build a FM request catalog
Build a FM request catalog
Build a FM request catalog
Build a FM request catalog
Visualize Facilities Management Issues with PowerBI
Visualize Facilities Management Issues with PowerBI

Visualize Facilities Management Issues with PowerBI

Every job that is logged for assets, clients, sites and facilities management is classified, assigned and tracked with many service metrics that can be reported on via Excel, PowerBI, or any other reporting tool. With the full power of Microsoft SQL Server database engine, your data is right there for you to use.

Link Assets to Clients, Sites and more

Use the powerful linking feature in HelpMaster to link assets and other entities together. Doing so helps to structure relationship which can then be used in automation, reporting and communications. Linking can be done in a simple one-to-one, or on-to-many style relationship

Link Assets to Clients, Sites and more
Link Assets to Clients, Sites and more
Link Assets to Clients, Sites and more
Build workflow approvals into asset maintenance and repairs

Build workflow approvals into asset maintenance and repairs

A common aspects of facilities management is scheduling repairs, gaining approval for costs and personnel and many other ‘approvals’ style scenarios.

Use the workflow engine within HelpMaster to create customized process-flows for specific facilities mananagement tasks and operations.

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