Mining and heavy industry software

Mining and Heavy Industry

Log, track and manage issues for services and equipment

Record and track accidents, injuries and workplace safety issues

Proactively schedule facilities maintenance tasks

Software solution for Mining and Industry

The mining and heavy machine industry has many reasons to utilize the functionality of HelpMaster.

IT Service Management

Keep the mining sites' IT infrastructure running at peak performance through core ITSM and help-desk principles.  Log, track and manage all IT incidents and problems.  Utilize effective change management processes to ensure that all changes are documented, approved and scheduled in the most efficient manner.  Pro-actively service IT equipment and services.

Facilities management

A mining site has many opportunities to improve and govern their facilities management.  In such a plant and equipment rich industry, the optimization of facilities is a compelling economic reason to address this area of operations.  Learn More

Accident and close-call incident tracking

Accidents happen!  And when you're lifting heavy things, and using heavy equipment, it's a heavy responsibility to get it right!  HelpMaster makes an efficient and effective incident and accident reporting system.  Design custom accident forms and allow both staff, customer and contractor to report issues.  Follow up with customized incident workflow and accident investigation workflow.  Learn More

Asset management

Heavy industry has a lot of equipment.  If you need to track this equipment, schedule regular maintenance (for regulatory, or legislative compliance), you can use HelpMaster to automate a lot of the work for you.  Learn More