Define your business processes

Create workflow patterns for your team to follow

Orchestrate and automate

Re-use workflow for consistency and quality

Business Process Automation

Every successful business has a method to their operation - a standard way of doing things.  When these business process are well understood and clearly communicated to staff, clients, vendors and partners, operational efficiency is achieved and the profits follow.

Successful businesses document their successful patterns of behaviour.  Employees are trained in the method and each business process is refined and improved over time.

ITIL workflow process


Whatever your business, standard business processes most likely include:

  1. Marketing strategy and follow-up
  2. Sales methodology and prospect life-cycle
  3. Support and customer care in a helpdesk / service desk setting
  4. Recurring renewal of services or regular billing via subscription, invoice or similar
  5. Standards for dealing with complaints, feedback and suggestions
  6. Processes for project management
  7. Human resources processes for new employee on-boarding, training and induction, pay and salary issues
  8. Grievance and dispute handling

Good processes for these essential business functions lead to good business.

Continual service improvement (CSI)

Without standards and clearly defined processes, a business will revert to addressing issues on an ad-hoc fashion, often giving priority to the wrong things.  This is a business that will be burning through time and money.  When processes are not clearly defined, performance and efficiency decreases.  When knowledge is not documented, recycled and shared, people start re-inventing the wheel. 

A lack of process, is a lack of business efficiency.

By implementing a continual service improvement program, you can review and refine business standards and practices and work toward.  HelpMaster helps you achieve this by providing a powerful template-based workflow system that will guide you through common business practices.

Invest in your business by investing in HelpMaster.  HelpMaster allows you to "document" your processes via templates that describe each step of your business workflow.  Define jobs, actions, updates, communications, escalations, service agreements and more.

HelpMaster is a proven business tool.  Thousands of users around the world use HelpMaster to streamline their daily business operations.  Download a copy today to see why.

Automate business process

Business processes are one thing.  Automating them is another.

Some processes lend themselves to being automated. 

  • Sales processes and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Software bug tracking
  • Helpdesk and technical support
  • Complaints management
  • Facilities management
  • Request fulfillment
  • Client surveys and customer satisfaction

Trying to automate everything is a recipe for disaster and frustration, but many of the repetitive process common in any business are perfect candidates for software automation.  HelpMaster provides a rich toolset for template design, escalation, SLA calculation, stop-the-clock status indication, knowledge creation and vetting and more.

Automating process saves time, improves consistency, facilitates learning, speeds learning and allows business process engineers to concentrate on creating, reporting and refining the day-to-day things that make a business operate efficiently.

Report on your progress

Measure what you manage, and manage what you measure.  Reports and statistics are a vital part of business management.  Get the information your need to run your business.  Find out what works, and what doesn't. 

  • Determine who your best staff are.  See who is not working to capacity. 
  • Quantify who your most profitable clients are. 
  • Report, then refine.  Use the reporting data to re-invest in your processes.  Refine them.

Use reporting and metrics to review and refine.  ITIL speaks of "continual service improvement", or CSI.  This is a core concept in IT service management.  Build processes, review them and refine them.  Repeat as necessary.